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Project Management Software – First Step to Success

The kind of relationship a company shares with its customers determines its success. Being a primary factor, Project Management happens be one of the most vital functions of every business. A company failing to have a well-structured sales process usually ends up in heavy financial losses. This mainly happens due to its inability to capitalize on the leads accumulated by the sales force. This does not mean a company having Project Management Software  in place does not run into losses.

Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right place

Managing The Project would be Much easier if done through Project Management Software

What you need to understand is that not every Project Management Software is made equal. Some Project Management Software  tools may be apt for small to medium sized businesses, while others may be created keeping large corporates in mind. If you are a small sized company using Project Management Software  tool tailor made for large corporates, you would not only be wasting huge money on buying and implementation costs but also be left with a lot of tasks that the Project Management Software  tool has not been able to deal with. It is therefore crucial for all businesses to choose a suitable Project Management Software  solution for their individual business needs.

A web based Project Management Software  software may be the right choice if you were a small to medium sized business since you will get to enjoy unparalleled flexibility that too at unbeatable rates. In addition, your online Project Management Software.  can be tailored to match your specific needs and requirements to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. No matter how unique your needs are, the web based Project Management Software  would be a much better and cost effective option for you as compared to on-site Project Management Software .

Contrary to on site Project Management Software  , web based Project Management Software  does not necessitate investing in a dedicated server and gives you the flexibility to log on to the Project Management Software  tool using just your Internet connection. You can not only access all the information that you may need but also set different access levels to ensure that only relevant information is passed on to the staff members in your company.

Small business Project Management Software  allows you to stay connected with your business even if you are traveling or are holidaying abroad. With 24X7 connectivity, it is easier to manage your business activities at the click of a mouse. Sensing the growing popularity of web based Project Management Software  systems, many vendors who earlier specialized in on site Project Management Software  only are now selling customized web based Project Management Software  tools and Project Management Software  applications to improve their sales figures. Of course, you need to shop around to find a Project Management Software  solution that is not only suitable for your business but also right for your pocket.

You can browse online for top Project Management Software  vendors that offer free demo and money back guarantee before you go ahead with your e Project Management Software  purchase. Also make it a point to compare Project Management Software  prices and check for   reviews before you choose.



Project Operations Software program: Preparing, Monitoring, as well as Effort Equipment for ones Business

There exists a dizzying range of challenge supervision software program available today. When you’ve put in moment investigating your options, you currently know it can be tough in order to get a grip on a number of differerent practical available options as well as which usually software programs are usually befitting a person. You will discover software programs made for inside challenge checking and those additional focused in the direction of client work. Many alternatives are usually adapted in order to design initiatives, other folks in order to professional program work, nonetheless other folks optimized regarding devices or maybe company progress initiatives.

Project Management Instructions

Project Manager Project Challenges 

The advantages of discovering the right plan are usually enticing although. The suitable challenge supervision software program pledges increased challenge visibility, equipment regarding marketing cooperation as well as creativeness, as well as enhanced effectiveness performing challenge work. The goal of this short article is usually to provide you with an overview of all the a few primary practical parts that make up the actual challenge supervision equipment available to you: challenge planning, checking, as well as cooperation software program. Together with greater perception in to the software program attributes available to you, you’ll take a stronger place each to recognize the software program prerequisites as well as to get the software programs of which go with your family needs.

Setting regarding success having challenge planning functionality
What’s the actual extent with the challenge? Which should be concerned? Just what may challenge success look like? Project planning software program offers a device regarding responding to these vital questions. Still, challenge planning software program equipment however appear a lttle bit, very well, underappreciated.

Tactical challenge supervision tools—such since those who address activity supervision as well as scheduling—seem really fundamental in today’s company setting. Isn’t the item moment that individuals consider the identical perspective in the direction of ideal challenge planning equipment?

In fact, it’s challenging to visit many days to weeks without working directly into a number of restating of every company supervision pundit’s favourite Sunlight Tzu rule: “Every fight is usually gained previous to it’s ever struggled. ” When we all genuinely feel that, shouldn’t we all be paying additional focus on the actual challenge planning software program offered to us?

The result is usually plainly, indeed. When we all have confidence in the value of asking for challenge times detailed directly into hyper-granular Gantt maps, certainly we can easily showcase challenge planning outside of the actual restricts of person e-mail company accounts as well as desktop computer data file constructions. Let’s require a more detailed examine some of the software program equipment intended for controlling critical challenge planning responsibilities:

Project ideation. Project planning is usually how are you affected considering the actual extent of any challenge, who’ll be concerned, and the goals—right? Correct, but it’s additionally transpiring previous to of which. Several agencies, particularly people controlling inside progress initiatives, are usually starting out require a additional thorough procedure for taking challenge tips as well as prioritizing these individuals. Project ideation engineering are usually starting to arrive with greater frequency in challenge supervision packages. Equipment including customer survey as well as interview seize software programs are made to tap into personnel insights concerning company parts that could be increased. Prioritization dashboards, generally affecting polling as well as score functionality, give you a means of controlling which usually initiatives ought to have interest.
Project extent. Figuring out challenge extent is often a vital piece—perhaps the actual vital piece of challenge planning. Producing apparent challenge extent phrases is usually a bit of a ability although. Effort equipment, kind primarily based file templates, as well as access to extent phrases from earlier initiatives offer assistance regarding challenge extent authors. Entity relationship diagrams, SWOT explanations, Venn diagrams, as well as many different different challenge modeling equipment they can be handy inside the planning work of which precedes challenge extent documentation.
Perform malfunction constructions. A new work malfunction composition offers an supply or maybe decomposition with the work that will enter properly completing a challenge. Perform malfunction constructions are usually most often showed within a flow-chart including data format, as well as equipment of which enable the development of WBS documents can be present in challenge supervision software programs.
Project crew rosters. Putting together a challenge crew is usually a different simple step up challenge planning. Project crew supervision equipment can handle besides the actual checking as well as storage of challenge crew fellow member knowledge as well as accreditations, but additionally supervision of their higher level of access to documents as well as utilities inside software program, generally on a project-by-project foundation.
Project budgeting. Project budgeting is often a control and also a art in it’s personal suitable. Obviously, for this incredibly reason, a lot of challenge supervision equipment keep budgeting in order to different software program adventures which might be created for it. On the other hand, there are various challenge supervision software programs these days of which now include challenge budgeting functionality inside larger request selection as a possible bundled function. Many crucial budgeting attributes include estimating, line-item price malfunction responsibilities, what-if situation forecasting, as well as precise price difference assessment equipment.
Modify supervision. Project planning doesn’t arise exclusively at the start of any challenge. Modify is usually unavoidable and often it’s important to make adjustments towards work malfunction composition or even the actual challenge extent file. A new normalized composition regarding controlling modify requests is surely an crucial portion of any kind of challenge supervision plan. A new methodized endorsement course of action inside program is important in order to making certain the actual adjustments service the actual likes and dislikes with the challenge stakeholders.
Managing activity responsibilities as well as arranging having challenge checking attributes
Who does precisely what? Any time will it have finished? How long carry out we must practice it as well as where are usually we all at having activity end? Trying to keep initiatives to normal as well as profitable is generally a product or service of how very well your company can remedy these vital questions.

Task job as well as arranging. Managing responsibilities responsibilities as well as arranging work could be sophisticated. To maintain up with this particular intricacy, a huge various unique arranging designs as well as approaches is seen in challenge supervision software program. Check-list and to carry out type activity subscribes are typical. Appointments equipment are likely to be straight provided by the actual challenge supervision software program, nevertheless the integration of third party calendars seriously isn’t completely unusual. The chance to filtering responsibilities according to activity job, activity capabilities, as well as time-scehdule is surely an crucial fundamental characteristic regarding checking up on arranging while you will find numerous responsibilities existing. Likewise, a lot of devices will probably incorporate rule-based inform signal linked to impending responsibilities, activity completions, or maybe different signs.
Gantt maps. Gantt maps give you a means of viewing the actual dependencies among responsibilities. Gantt maps visually characterize the actual internet connections among precisely what work has to be completed previous to different work could be resolved. Gantt maps may also be useful to track the actual end of challenge milestones.
Advancement checking. Advancement checking utilities give you a means of quickly discovering certainly where an challenge is usually in accordance with end. Task end dashboards are typical attributes. Dashboards will probably generally screen a percentage in order to end, along with offer blocking capabilities to recognize precisely what work is always.
Time checking. A lot of controlling initiatives is usually controlling moment. Typically it’s vital in order to track moment advices in numerous initiatives regarding payment requirements. Generally, moment checking is employed regarding inside checking requirements, for example supervising challenge end as well as discovering how long responsibilities will need in future initiatives. Functions of which support discovering moment time periods as well as measuring moment are generally found among the utilities provided by challenge supervision packages.
Learning resource portion. Project methods frequently rise above the skills as well as moment of challenge customers. Very often distinct supplies as well as tools are required to complete initiatives. The chance to view as well as reference availability as well as deal with can be quite a vital portion of productive challenge supervision. Learning resource arranging functionality can hand mirror job arranging regarding the usage of reference subscribes as well as availability times.
Promoting imaginative cooperation having transmission equipment as well as file supervision software program
Effort reveals significant troubles. How will you effectively deal with the actual interchange of tips as well as documents among challenge customers? How will you guarantee challenge customers are working in common methods? How will you keep openness as well as answerability while challenge additions are usually shared?

Seeing that easy because it is to endorse the right of cooperation, it can be just as complicated in order to effectively know the item. Seemingly, you will find hurdles everywhere in order to aiding powerful challenge transmission. Spread workforces are usually more and more common. Ohio state university physicians might need to deal with transmission having different company companions or maybe inter-departmentally. It could be challenging regarding challenge customers, especially people triggering multiple initiatives, to maintain other folks informed on the work.

The good thing is that we now have additional software program alternatives than ever before regarding controlling challenge transmission, file supervision, as well as conference facilitation. Let’s analyze these individuals in additional degree:

Email as well as e-mail integration. A message primarily based transmission process would be the center of all challenge supervision cooperation equipment. In most items, e-mail integration will allow customers to handle electronic mails from in their regular e-mail buyers (such since Outlook or maybe Gmail), although taking e-mail transmission so that it additionally can be looked at from inside challenge supervision selection.
Discussion boards, wiki’s, as well as immediate messaging. Whilst e-mail would be the workhorse of countless challenge cooperation devices, it’s certainly not the one device regarding transmission. Wiki’s they can be handy regarding taking documentation that should be referenced frequently or maybe constantly up-to-date. Discussion boards as well as message boards can showcase additional relationship when compared with strong emailing. Instant messaging provides help it’s brand suggests—allowing challenge customers in order to quickly converse on a strong foundation.
Doc supervision. A number of challenge work include the development of a lot of documents. Managing file swap via e-mail or maybe third party file-sharing websites provides a number of problems related to the item. It really is complicated to be current with latest variants, doesn’t support apparent visibility directly into variation histories, and is particularly an even more time-consuming technique of driving documents among challenge customers. Doc supervision devices give a number of advantages. Multiple file format service, examine tracks discovering modify histories, as well as handled shared access to common documents existing a bit more effective answer.
Meeting coordination. Organization class challenge supervision answers are usually more and more supplying conference equipment. Web-conferencing, audio-conferencing, as well as screen-sharing engineering are usually appearing with greater frequency inside the additional in a position answers available.

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Deciding Right Software For Your Business

Purchasing choices are the substance of life in the trade driven 21st century. From regular choices such as selecting lunch from an eatery menu, to getting another auto, to significant organization acquisitions, quite a bit of our time is spent in “purchasing”.

What’s more, these decisions are definitely not basic. Every advertiser purports to be the sole champion of our buyer rights and wallops us with tempting promoting messages, about how their products are “the best”. Enchanting as these messages may be, no item or administration is an incredible same. The distinction might be glaring – that of “better versus more terrible”, or an unobtrusive trade-off between value, quality, element set, client administration, or solidness.

It is this manner of building up a methodical way to deal with the purchasing choice that is important. Our perspective ought to be expansive and farsighted, as opposed to purchasing construct just with respect to what quickly meets the eye. Rushed choices abandon us with showy components never utilized, or strong repair bills of items that came modest.

A decent case of an orderly approach is the purchase of an auto. A heap of variables are considered and measured. This incorporates brand, execution versus style, value, security, terms of account, mileage, upkeep, resale esteem and such a large number of different components.


Selecting Software

In our new “wired” cutting edge reality, software is no less imperative than items and administrations in our regular lives. Whether it’s an individual email program, visit programming for moment association, joint effort programming to compose scattered representatives, or an ERP execution to oversee organization forms – there’s no making due without them!

Be that as it may, we’re to some degree more used to purchasing items and administrations than software, which is a generally late wonder. From various perspectives, selecting software is the same as selecting an item or administration. Albeit immaterial, software, likewise addresses a quite undeniable need, on which individual and expert achievement frequently depends. Normally, a portion of the same buy figures apply – brand, administration, and upkeep costs.

Notwithstanding the disparaging conspicuousness of the above, software determination is a hazy area; an immature stadium. This records for the high occurrence of “shelfware” – software that is purchased with excellent goals, yet wind up on dusty racks. This is on the grounds that not at all like items and administrations, it is not all that instinctively clear that product have “life cycles” and should be “kept up”, “upgraded”, and “repaired”.

In this manner, buys are made in light of what instantly meets the eye – specialized components. This mix-up is justifiable, on the grounds that specialized elements are all around reported and promoted, and simple for the purchaser to use as choice criteria. Some examination and genuine intuition is expected to find out these “concealed” variables.


Key Factors To Consider


Company History and Experience

The seller should be scrutinized before we even go ahead to consider the product itself. Organization foundation is crucial in light of the fact that, dissimilar to conventional organizations, programming organizations are regularly little, and frequently past national limits. Subsequent to these organizations would likely be taking care of our touchy information, we have to do a historical verification. Some related inquiries are:


To what extent Have They Been Around?

As by and large, we can sensibly accept that past record is a decent marker of future execution. Critical inquiries are – How long have they been around? To what extent have they been in the field? On the off chance that they’re putting forth business joint effort programming, have they been in this industry sufficiently long? Regardless of the fact that the product is new, do they have experience creating related programming?


What is Their Niche?

Does the organization knows your specialty alright to know your necessities? On the off chance that you are a little/moderate sized business, an organization predominantly serving the Fortune 500 is not for you. In the event that you telecommute, it is far-fetched an answer serving substantial workplaces will address your issues.


The Ultimate Testament – The Customer

A definitive judge of programming is its clients. To get a genuine picture, it is essential to take a gander at how clients are utilizing the product and what their remarks are. Does their site incorporate a customer’s rundown or page? Look at what clients say under testimonials, or you could even contact the clients yourself for remarks.



There are sure things about the product business that a purchaser ought to be careful about. Programming new businesses have shorter life compasses than conventional organizations and ride high on a win wave, however go “pop” when the business bubble blasts. This was exemplified by the “website burst” of 2000. Whether the present spate of “Web 2.0” organizations constitutes another extending bubble which will unavoidably blast is far from being obviously true, however it bodes well to be careful and wager your cash on trustworthy organizations with demonstrated track records.



There’s no precluding the significance from claiming cost adequacy in purchasing choices no matter how you look at it. Yet expenses ought to be found in an expansive viewpoint, since low section expenses might well result in higher aggregate expenses along the item’s life.


Highlights versus Cost

A money saving advantage investigation bodes well, and costs should be contrasted and the product’s scope of elements and functionalities. A report administration framework may not be the least expensive, but rather it might permit you to additionally set up a virtual office. Going for heaps of components additionally constitutes a trap, since clients never get around to utilizing half of them.


Needs versus Cost

Another inquiry is whether there is a cover between components and needs by any means. Numerous elements may not identify with necessities looked to be tended to. You ought to plainly characterize your requirements, and group highlights as “required elements” and “elements not required”. Another conceivable plan of characterizing components could be “should have”, “decent to have”, and “future necessities”.


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The Great Project Management Chain!

Last week we wrote about the different project types (external, internal & NPD) and the key differences including the key success criteria for each one of them. However more often than not, these projects of different types are linked to each other in a chain like manner to such an extent that success of each project in the chain depends upon the success of the rest of the projects & therefore managing the success of the chain becomes critical which includes projects & links (read relationships, objectives & mindset).

For example, a global automotive company wants to launch a new passenger car. So it kicks of a NPD Project. Now it outsource different component design & mfg to its suppliers and so for their suppliers, it becomes a External or Revenue Project. At the same time it kicks of a Internal project for implementing a dealer network management software. Now one NPD project can kick off multiple external & internal projects & the chain can become even longer with each supplier further kicking of further external (further outsource), internal & NPD projects  & so on.  This example is specific to automotive but the concept is applicable in any other industry as well. The picture below depicts this scenario:


Now look at the big picture, the very purpose for which all these projects have been kicked off is the design, develop, launch and sell the passenger vehicle. The success criteria of the big project is to maximise the revenue (by selling the new vehicle) in the 3-5 years from the launch. The NPD project has been started off with the initial set of requirements and will change the requirements as the market conditions change. This is the key project of the Global Automotive Company & its fortunes are linked to it. The risks are high & so are the rewards.

Lets now  focus on the 2nd line of projects which are external outsourced projects to suppliers. They have agreed to a price based on the project requirements at that time & any foreseeable expected changes. Their success criteria is the profitability of the project along with customer satisfaction on a sustainable basis.  They expect the project to finish within a timeline and with minimal or no changes within the agreed price & payment terms (cash flow). They probably work with other customers as well to grow their business and mitigate their risks.

The internal project for a software implementation has a different objective & a different. The software will be implemented for long term basis and not necessary for a specific NPD project. Again they are dependent upon the software vendor and implementation services provider for whom the project success criteria is profitability & the customer satisfaction on a sustainable basis.

Its obvious from the above that for NPD project (Passenger Vehicle) to be a success, all the projects down the chain should perform at optimum levels but its not so obvious that the failure of NPD project  can also fail the other projects in the chain even though each one of them have done fantastic work in their own project. We have seen examples of this when a automotive company failure leads to problem for otherwise excellent supplier network, when a failure of silicon valley startup can land its outsourcing partners in trouble etc. The recent example of city of Detroit filing for bankruptcy is a related example.

Having made the point that success of each project in the link is dependent upon the success of all other projects, it is therefore collective responsibility of all project managers or the organizations in the chain to keep working towards building a strong healthy chain and leverage the strengths of each link. Its easier said than done. It requires certain maturity & wisdom of first visualizing the project chain & then the different objectives, people, mindset, commercial aspects and thought process at each link. And then using the right rational to make right decisions keeping the project chain in mind. Successful companies are those who have gone ahead & build the great project management chains and then sustained them for their own growth & profitability.

About the Blog: The blog is written by internal marketing team of ProductDossier based on their experience dealing with different types of projects for different customers. ProductDossier flagship product, TouchBase is an enterprise software product platform combining the essential functionality of CRM, Project Management, Business Process Management & Financial Systems in an integrated manner. TouchBase is positioned to bring transformational impact to the global enterprises. http://www.productdossier.com

Top three(3) differences across three(3) different project types, a must know!

Last week we wrote in our blog about the three different project types and how it is important to identify your project type before you begin. This piece we will identify the three most important differences across these three different project types. Understanding the basic differences will help you to configure your project processes and project management software tool for successful project execution.


Project Attribute Revenue Projects or External Projects Internal Projects NPD(New Product Development) Project
Funding & Sponsor Funding for this   is done by external source in form of customer purchase order or work order This is funded   internally from the budget of CIO (if its IT deployment or similar) or CEO   approval capital expansion budget or sometimes by the sponsoring department   etc This is also   funded internally from the Product Development budget or sometimes internal   subsidiaries fund it based on the market potential or the product
Functional Scope & Requirements Owner This is driven by   the external customer & is the final approver. This is driven by   internal customers like each sponsoring department. The general purpose is   improve the operational efficiency of the department or the organization. This is   essentially driven by the market need & articulated by the sales &   marketing department. The needs can change very rapidly based on the market   conditions
Success Criteria These project are   generally done for the purpose of profit & this becomes one of the key   parameters to be tracked during the project life cycle. Other parameters to   be tracked is Customer Satisfaction Index on the basis of quality &   schedule Success for these   projects is hard to quantify & mostly qualitative in nature  but IRR (internal rate of return) is often   used as a criteria for approval & for measurement. Success for these   project could be “Reduced transaction time from 30 mins to 10 mins” or   increase capacity from 30 units to 60 units per hour” or ”reduced business   risk by 90% by building disaster recovery management” Success for these   projects are measured by the increase in organization revenue due to the   product being sold in the market. This is mostly quantitative in nature.   Success is often measured as the revenue contribution % upto 5 years from the   product launch date.

Needless to say that there are many other differences but the larger point is that these different types of project need different mindset, skill-set, different processes and different software configuration to achieve optimum results. While this may well be the subject of another blog, we will discuss as to how these project types are related in a chain like manner in our next blog.

About the Blog: The blog is written by internal marketing team of ProductDossier based on their experience dealing with different types of projects for different customers. ProductDossier flagship product, TouchBase is an enterprise software product platform combining the essential functionality of CRM, Project Management, Business Process Management & Financial Systems in an integrated manner. TouchBase is built to manage different projects types as mentioned above. http://www.productdossier.com

Want to successfully manage your project? First Identify your project type!

Project Management as a subject has been there for decades & almost everyone  during the course of their education & professional life have made some understanding of the project management. Organizing a college festival, implementing ERP in an organization for improvement, building a new manufacturing facility, launching NASA sponsored space shuttle, developing new electronic gadget, a passenger car or life saving pharma drug are all examples of different projects and they all need project management.

While all above examples and many more are definitely projects, each one of them has different objectives, outcomes, scale etc. & hence needs a very different treatment in terms of methodology, progress measurement metrics, planning & execution & so on. If one were to classify the projects at 50,000 ft. view it would be:

Revenue Projects or External Projects: These are the projects done for an external customer against a financial or equivalent compensation. Some examples of these are building infrastructure like airports, outsourced software projects etc.

Internal Projects: These are the projects where the projects are done for internal improvisation, capacity expansion etc. These are funded internally. Some examples of these are CAPEX projects, Six Sigma or IT deployment projects etc.

-NPD Projects: These are the projects to develop new products or services which will generate further revenue for the sponsoring organization. Some examples of these are automotive companies developing new & improved car models, pharmaceutical companies launching new products etc.

Each one of the above categories can further be classified base on the industry solution but that’s going into further details. By & large any project one can conceive can be put into one of the above category. Each of the above categories of projects needs very different mind-set, skill sets, resources etc. besides different methodologies, tools,metrics & so on. These differences may well be the subject of another blog on another day. As a starting point if you have taken up a new project, just find out as which of the above categories your project belongs to by doing a simple dip test from the classification above and then go from there by using the art & perhaps a little bit of science of project management for that category or type of project.

About the Blog: The blog is written by internal marketing team of ProductDossier based on their experience dealing with different types of projects for different customers. ProductDossier flagship product TouchBase, is an enterprise software product platform combining the essential functionality of CRM, Project Management, Business Process Management & Financial Systems in an integrated manner. TouchBase is built to manage different projects types as mentioned above. http://www.productdossier.com

Project Planning and Management Working Together to Succeed

The need for project planning and management to work together is essential for the project and business as a whole to move forward. This is done in the most efficient manner by management providing the project team with the necessary tools to complete their assigned tasks.

By being involved to some degree the project planning and management team can create a successful path for a business to move forward against the competition and grab a larger section of the market share.

There are many management tools that project planning and management can use together to achieve this goal of gains in the market. One of the  most used is ProductDossier’s PM tool called Touchbase. This has templates to help create all the necessary formal documents that must be created for each project. This will include various processes and support documents that will be required during the course of the project’s lifecycle.

Another way that project planning and management must work together is in the area of the budget. There must be sufficient capital for the project to succeed. The project planners must also consolidate and save where they can during the projects planning stage and execution phase. This will keep the cost to a minimum while still providing ample support for those areas that need it.

The reviewing process of involving the project planning and management is another area that must have seamless cooperation. When the project is being discussed, the project team and management must be on the same page so the plan is draw up in accordance to what is expected of it. If there are too many discrepancies found in the reviewing process, then a great deal of additional time will need to be spent on correcting the situation. This time would be better spent executing the plan rather than correcting it.

By coordinating project planning and management together, a project can go from a simple idea to a deliver able ready for the market place faster and more efficiently. This will make a positive contribution to the market share the deliverable will bring to the business as a whole and success of the company.